Experts in the science of manufacturing, dedicated to improving profits

Our purpose is profit, our passion is problem-solving and our aim is to delight our clients.

Majaco was founded out of a desire to help solve complex operational issues, and to make sure the improvements last. Our expertise is in unlocking hidden or otherwise inaccessible value.

We have a proven approach and proven track record. This allows us to share the financial risk of our work and we guarantee our clients a return on their investment.

Our founder, Toby Parnell, established Majaco in 2019 so that he could get back on the shop floor. After spending 9 years at a large consultancy, his day job was much more about running a business, and he missed the buzz of delivery.

Everyone at Majaco shares a similar passion, we are all obsessive and experienced problem solvers. We believe this is unique; those with the experience are also the ones getting their hands dirty on the shop floor.

In our first year we have helped a pet food start up, a household crisp producer, a deli meats business, a provider of trams, and even a COVID-19 test manufacturer.

What we do…

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to pinpoint and solve their most valuable problems affecting their operational performance. The changes we deliver maximise efficiency, service, or quality, and as a result, profits.

We also help our clients take advantage of opportunities they didn’t know existed. Typically our work saves between 1-4% of turnover often resulting in more than 100% increase in operating profits.

We engage local teams to take ownership and deliver the changes which provide the largest financial opportunities in your business.

We do this with sustainability in mind from day one.

Our Successes

Want to hear what our clients think?

At Majaco, they work side-by-side with you to deliver change. Majaco worked alongside our management team and shop floor staff to set priorities, provide focus and structure and ensured we focused on delivering results. They invested time into ensuring our ideas materialised and we were very happy with their programme.

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About Us

Tenacious optimists.

Manufacturing experts.

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Why Majaco

Our purpose is profit.

Our passion is problem-solving.

Our aim is to delight.


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