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Bould Brothers Coffee

In only 8 weeks we were able to increase profitability for this branch of speciality cafes by 40% and continue to provide ongoing development support to ensure that this efficiency is maintained long-term.

Majaco are fantastic engineers at heart. Their expertise lies in the analysis of data, with one predominant goal in mind – more profit. They understand what data they need, how to get it, and most importantly how to use it to answer questions your business needs answers to. […] Toby also happens to be a great manager. This combination of evidence-based decision making and desire to affect profit quickly and measurably make Majaco’s service invaluable. If you own a business and are serious about growth, take a meeting with Majaco.”

– Max Bould, Co-Founder | Bould Brothers Coffee

Butternut Box

Analysed and solved known production problems which occurred during the cooking process. For this pet food manufacturer we saved 10% on the cost of raw materials, increased production capacity by 10%, and enabled the use of recyclable packaging.

The Majaco team have a very first principles approach, and the work they did on our pouch formats was an incredible display of this. This is rare in businesses, but they bring it to the table. Their work is always backed up with a mathematical and scientific approach, which really helped us understand what was causing our problems.

― Co-Founder | Butternut Box


We supported operational due diligence with a thorough, end-to-end assessment. The result was a 100% increase in capacity, with no additional overhead requirements.

Diagnostics for the Real World

Developed a roadmap to scale production capacity by 30x in 6 months to help deliver national COVID-19 testing capacity.


We supported rapid assessments of capacity plans for a several new sites, and a one day assessment for a household brand crisp manufacturer. We quickly identified an opportunity to increase production capacity by 30%, with no additional cost.

Ratio Technology

We provide guidance and strategic support to this entrepreneurial, high growth start-up. We have helped with pricing, production planning, stock and inventory management, and cash flow maximisation.

The Majaco team helped us identify cost saving opportunities, they were different and very unique in their approach. Certainly a ‘cut above’ calibre. They were intelligent without being condescending, patient without being over tolerant and tenacious but realistic.

– Client Manufacturing Manager

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